Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Total: 24.00!!!
I got this down from 141.20, and that was after the case discounts. I got an additional 28.24 off from employee discount. The rest was all coupons. Usually you get a 10% discount if you buy things in a case. I get an additional 20% for an employee discount.

Puffins cereal 2/6.00
Coupon in WF coupon book 1.00
Coupon found here 1.00 (Actually, I found out this was only for Canada. There are coupons for Puffins in the Go Organic coupon books, which is where I got mine from)
1.00 each or .70 each if you buy a case (mine was .10 each)
case: 12 boxes for 8.40 (my case was 1.20)

Organic Valley soy milk 2/6.00
Coupon found here 1.00
2.00 each or 1.70 each if you buy a case (mine was 1.16 each)
case: 6 for 10.20 (my case was 6.96)

Rice Dream Ice Cream Pies (1.00 each, sale over now 1.39 each)
Coupon found here .75
Coupon found in WF coupon book 1.00
Money maker of .36 each or .50each if you buy a case
case: 24 for -12.00 (mine would be -24.72)
I didn't know about the .75 off until after I paid, or else I wouldn't have paid 24.00 out of pocket, I would still have had 24 dollars to spend! I do have one more case to buy and will be using this method.

Luna bars .99 each
Coupon in WF coupon book .50 cents off 1
Coupon found in Go Organic coupon book 1.00/3
.49 each or .06 each if you buy a case (mine was a money maker of .12 each)
case: 12 for .69 (mine was a money maker of 1.12 a case)

Also got:
2 vegan Boca burgers
Mixed Greens
Florida Avocado
Todd's Beer
Whole Wheat Tortilla wraps
2 packages of Tofu

Note: You can find the WFs coupon books at the store. Mine are near the enterances.
Whole Foods will be replacing their mambo sprout books at the end of July- so hurry! The coupons in them don't expire until 8/31/09 but they will be placing new ones out.
Also, when you use more than one coupon of the same kind from Whole Foods book, it WILL beep, and a manager has to key it in. This isn't usually a big deal, it just takes time.


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