Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've got my meal list for the next week. I usually do my shopping on Wednesdays. I'll have to run to the store tomorrow for two things.

Monday 7/13 - Seitan Fajitas and Corn

Tuesday 7/14 -"Chicken" Burgers and Fruit

Wednesday 7/15 - Chick Pea Curry and Rice

Thursday 7/16 - Tofu Scramble

Friday 7/17 - Taco Pasta

Saturday- 7/18 - Stir Fry and Rice

Sunday- 7/19 Leftovers

I'll post the recipes the day of, along with pictures.

For breakfast, we usually just eat cereal. Depending whatever I can get in bulk from Whole Foods. Right now we have a lot of Nature's Path Optimum. However, probably in a week I'll go pick up a case of Kashi. I have a manufacture's coupon and a whole foods coupon for it. Usually you get an extra 10% off for buying a case but I get 30% off, including the 20% employee discount. I usually do the same thing with soy milk. But we have enough for now. I'll probably get more in two weeks.

For lunch, its usually fruit, salads, sandwiches, soups, frozen meals (like Kashi, which I get for $1.25 each on double coupon days at Pick N Save!), or hummus. This week I'm going to be making a big batch of Quinoa Salad which I can just grab and eat. Todd (BF) usually works different hours, so it's hard to say if he'll be home during lunch. He'll bring leftovers to work, or other things we have. Usually he spends about $6.00s a day for lunch, but he's really been trying to break that habit. Hopefully this challenge will help!


At July 14, 2009 at 2:46 AM , OpenID araeil said...

Coming over for tofu scramble on Thrusday! Or you could just give me the recipe!

By the way, I bought some "butter" and "mayo" and a non-dairy burrito for eat at my place. Just in case you come over and are hungry. =)


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